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A reputation for reliability

Batex Trading was founded in 1989, following the rising demands for high quality supplies posted by the oil and oil-related industries in Europe as well as Eastern regions. Since these days, our company has earned a reputation of its own by offering quick and reliable service at very competitive prices.

Batex Trading’s main focus is on the sourcing and delivery of products that are hard to obtain. In order to achieve maximum efficiency and the shortest possible delivery times, we have built up an extensive network of renowned manufacturers and suppliers from diverse industries. In close collaboration with these dependable partners, we are able to handle even the most unusual enquiries.

Batex Trading’s longstanding success in this demanding field of business proves that you don’t have to be big in order to be successful. By keeping our company small, we ensure all the flexibility we need to navigate our way through the niches in the market, and to satisfy our customers.

At the Batex headquarters, our experienced procurement team is always ready to take requests, select the adequate suppliers, negotiate the best price, and arrange for exceptionally fast shipping.


Our Range Of Offering

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Leading Suppliers Ensure Maximum Availability

Drilling and production facilities in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries are exposed to high mechanical strain and extreme environmental conditions. To operate them on a high level of profitability, a reliable and prompt supply of high quality machinery, components, spare parts and additives is indispensable.

When trying to secure that supply, many companies in the Eastern region are facing bureaucratic obstructions in the international markets. To help them overcome these barriers, Batex Trading identifies the ideal suppliers, clears delivery with the respective authorities, and organizes timely shipping.

Moreover, Batex Trading offers comprehensive support during installation and initial operation of new plants by providing well-trained and experiencedstaff who will make things work on site. Batex is proud to represent some of the most renowned suppliers from Europe, Asia, and the United States. These strong partners enable us to provide our clients with an extensive range of products, ranging from advanced technical and technological outfit to spare parts all the way through to chemicals.

The bottom line: Whatever you may need, there is a high probability that we can deliver it very quickly.

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Extensive Portfolio, competitive Conditions

When Batex Trading first took up business, our main focus was on additives. Due to constant requests, we soon extended our offering to spare parts, and have been expanding our range of supplies ever since.

Today, Batex covers a comprehensive portfolio of material, equipment and components needed for the production and further processing of oil and gas. And since we still are a small organization, we can offer all our services and high-quality supplies at very competitive prices.

As of December 2012, Batex Trading provides you with the products and services listed on the opposite page. Since we are constantly striving to offer you even more possibilities, the list will keep on growing. If your desired supply is not registered, feel free to contact us—we will see into ways to enable quick and smooth delivery to almost any desired destination.


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